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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stamps 2 Go

Stamps2Go is an online marketplace for stamp collectors, where buyers and sellers come together.

Unlike most sites, this is NOT an "auction" format site-- rather, it is an "online shop" format where sellers can list their items in the site database, and buyers can fill their collections by choosing from the offerings of more than (currently) 230 sellers.

What's nice about the Stamps2Go site is that it's very easy to use-- simple layout, doesn't require a powerful computer to use. All purchasing takes place through PayPal, so the site is available to anyone who lives in the approximately 190 countries serviced by PayPal. Another nice feature is the "fixed shipping" system, which means a collector will never be surprised by uncommonly high shipping charges. As a buyer, you'll pay the same amount of shipping, no matter how few or many stamps you decide to buy. The only (very minor!) niggle I have with the site is that a lot of sellers choose to list 1000's of stamps without photos.

As a seller, it's nice and easy to use, as well. There's a simple template to fill out, and a place to upload a picture for the stamp you're selling. The only thing a potential seller might find annoying is that you only get one photo per stamp, and there's no "headline" or "title" like you'd find on an auction sale site. However, the selling commission is quite low, and it doesn't cost anything to list stamps there, until you actually sell something.

At the moment, I am slowly uploading a selection of stamps from SWEDEN, with more to come over the next few months. As with all stamps I offer online, all items do have photos! Just click on the button, below, to see my stamps for sale!