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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Writing... about stamps

I am a writer, for a significant part of my "day job."

A nice mallard duck topical from Iceland
No, I don't write about stamps for a living. That said, I do feel quite passionate about letting the world know that our hobby is still alive and well. With the advent of the Internet and email, there are many out there who might think "Stamp collecting? Does anyone still DO that?"

Although I have written a few articles for the philatelic press (and entries from these pages sometimes appear in print format), most of my philatelic writings are geared towards a NON-stamp collecting audience... or perhaps the person who collected in childhood, but forgot all about stamps when "the opposite sex" became interesting.

It is my hope that these occasional articles-- which my editors in other fields occasionally indulge me by printing-- will help a few newcomers find their way to stamp collecting.

My latest effort is entitled "Did the Internet Kill Stamp Collecting? Not a Chance!" and is really written for a general audience. But I'd like to invite you to go have a look... and if you like it, do please share it to your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other social media... be part of keeping stamp collecting strong and active!

You can find other articles I've written about stamps by following the "Stamp Articles" tab in the green bar, at the top of the page.