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In the course of almost five decades of collecting stamps, it is inevitable that you end up with a few "extras."

Over the years, my collecting interests have changed... and I am sure they will continue to change. In addition, I have a fondness for looking through old albums and "messy lots" as a way to build my specialized collections... which also means I end up with a lot of extra material.

After a lot of experimentation, I have established several online "shops" and "venues" that I consistently use to sell extra material, duplicates and no-longer-wanted collections. Below, you will find a list of these, along with a brief description of what you might find there.

People often ask me questions like "Why do you use eBay?" and "Why don't you just have your own web site?" and then they offer me various kind suggestions. And I appreciate that, I truly do. My choices of venues for selling stamps are based on pretty extensive experience, and I tend to avoid the eternal "jumping around" to the latest "new alternative to eBay" that springs up. I am not a programmer, and I neither like-- nor have time to-- build web sites. So I let others do that for me.

So, without further ado, if you're interested in Scandinavian area philately... and would like the assurance of getting your stamps from someone who actually "has a clue" AND who doesn't have an overly inflated sense of what stamps are worth... do have look! I believe you'll be happy with what you find... I may not have the world's largest selection, but I try to list good and worthwhile stuff! I do try to make your visit worthwhile-- each venue typically has at least 300-400 items for sales, sometimes more.

In each case below, clicking on the "store names" will take you to the site. Some may require you to log in or register, but generally not until you actually want to buy something.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Scandinavian Stamp Specialist on eBay

Yes, I use eBay to sell stamps-- in fact, my eBay shop has been my primary place to sell my duplicates since May of 1998!

What you will find in my eBay shop is generally "better" stamps from Scandinavia, with a heavy focus on Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. All listings are listed by Scott, and cross-referenced with either the AFA (Denmark) or Facit catalogues. Most items are available on a buy-it-now (rather than auction) basis.

There is typically a selection of nice Swedish town cancels ("ortstämplar") for those into "hembygdsfilateli" and postal history. This is also where you will find plate flaws and varieties from Denmark.

In addition, there might be some non-Scandinavian material-- I typically keep a limited selection of Switzerland and Australia, two of my other collecting interests.

Last, but not least, eBay is the ONLY venue I use to conduct periodic auctions-- typically, these are announced with a blog post.

"Cancelcollector" on Delcampe

I started using Belgium-based collectibles site Delcampe in 2003, mainly because I found that a lot of people in Scandinavia and Europe preferred using a European-based site. In addition, lower seller fees than eBay means that the site is more viable when you are offering specialist material that doesn't have a "quick" buyer.

I like Delcampe-- both as a place to buy and sell-- because it offers a much wider price range AND a much deeper selection than does eBay.

My Delcampe listings tend to be strong in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, with prices starting around 0.50€ (compared to eBay, where my lowest priced items are generally around US $3.00). All items are available for immediate purchase.

Whereas all my Delcampe listings are priced in Euro (€), this should not be an issue for collectors outside the Eurozone-- PayPal will automatically convert your payments to your local currency when you check out.

"ScanStamps" on Stamps2Go

I have been a member of the Stamps2Go marketplace since November 2004. I was originally attracted to the site because it offered the first "fixed price" format (as opposed to "auction") alternative to eBay.

I also like the site because it is "stamps ONLY," With close to two million items listed, it has stood the test of time and not "fallen by the wayside," as many who set out to compete with eBay do.

On Stamps2Go, my listings are mostly focused around Denmark and Sweden, with an emphasis on lower to mid-price items. There's also a few non-Scandinavian items listed. I generally have somewhat over 1000 items to choose from.

The site is a little "old fashioned" and takes a little getting used to. Navigating categories (countries) takes place through a series of drop-down menus. and although all items have good photos, Stamps2Go is not "graphics driven" like most modern web sites. But it's worth a visit!

The only drawback-- and this only applies to collectors outside the USA-- is that the listings are based on the US Scott catalogue numbers.

The Stamps from Denmark shop

This is my most "specialized" sales venue in that it is about all things philatelic from Denmark, and Denmark ONLY.

The shop is part of the UK-based eBid auction and web site, which is actually the oldest existing "alternative" to eBay, being online since 1999. I'm often surprised that more stamp enthusiasts don't use eBid, because it's an old and established site with all the features of eBay... yet for a fraction of the cost.

The shop name should be fairly self explanatory; the price range tends to be from $0.15 and up and I try to feature nice quality stamps. I am fairly excited about this particular shop, and I am planning to continue adding specialist material, as time goes by.

Because the site's shop "format" is very flexible, I have been able to split the store into many handy subcategories, so be sure you use the store category navigation in the left column!

Although the site itself is based in the UK, all prices will display in your local currency once you register and sign in. If you're not already familiar with the eBid site, I highly recommend registering! As a buyer, I have found some nice items there.

Scandinavian Stamp Specialist on HipStamp

Last but not least, I have a stamp shop on popular collectibles auction site HipStamp (formerly BidStart and StampWants) where I offer many of my more moderately priced duplicate stamps.

Currently, the selection is heaviest in items from Denmark and Sweden, with a handful of other items added in.

As of this writing (July 2022), I am re-doing all my inventory and listings, so the selection is a bit scant, for the time being. That is bound to change, as I get more organization in my many boxes of duplicates.

Thank you! I appreciate you visiting my stamp shops, and supporting a fellow stamp collector!

I am not a stamp dealer, I am just an active lifelong collector who also "happens to" trade a lot of duplicate stamps-- mostly because I don't really want to end up with a mountain of material I don't want or need. I'd much rather it ends up in my fellow collectors hands!

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