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Stamp Newsletters

As a periodic seller of specialized Scandinavian stamps and postal history, I get a number of requests from people to "email me when you put such and such material for sale!"

Since I am not really a stamp dealer, and I have a full-time day job to attend to, I unfortunately don't have the time or resources to maintain a "want list" service. HOWEVER, I am working on setting up a system of notifications where people can request to be part of a service that notifies them when new items in a number of specific categories are listed in eBay auctions.

This service only covers items I list for auction... not items I place for immediate sale in my eBay store. Why?  When I start auctions, I do so with large groups of stamps covering the same area, at the same time. For example "90 lots with Sweden." Things for immediate sale are uploaded continuously, a few at a time-- and I think it's a waste of people's time to get 4 emails a week, telling them that 3 new items have been listed.

You can subscribe to one or several notifications-- your choice. Below are some more specific descriptions of what each notification list covers, and how often you'll get an update:

Denmark Collectors (4-6 times per year): Get notified when I list new items from Denmark at auction on eBay. Generally, this happens about every two to three months. Auctions will mainly consist of better single stamps, with an emphasis on nice quality classic-era material, as well as nicer cancels and AFA listed varieties. Usually, 50 or more items will be listed at the same time, and like all my eBay auctions bidding will begin at just 99 cents with no reserve.

In addition, you may receive one or two more newsletters with news of other Danish stamps I may have for sale on sites other than eBay.

Denmark Bicolour Specialist (2 times per year): The "Bicolour" list is a subcategory of Denmark. This is a notification service for specialist collectors of the Danish "Bi-colour" (Tofarvet) issue.

Usually twice a year, I will have enough specialized material (50+ items) from this popular issue to offer auctions of these stamps ONLY. These will include notable varieties, stamps identified by printings and various cancels on Bicolour stamps. This newsletter will not include the "occasional" stamps from these issues that get included in the "regular" Denmark listings.

Iceland Collectors (2-3 times per year): Maybe two or three times per year I run eBay auctions with better Icelandic stamps. In recent times, it seems to have been two times. Typically 50 or more lots per offering, with better individual stamps, along with varieties and "specialist" items like numeral cancels.

Norway Collectors (2-3 times per year): Notification service for collectors of Norwegian stamps and postal history. About two or three times per year I have eBay auctions with better Norwegian stamps and covers.

Typically 50 or more lots per offering. Sometimes I will also have an auction series of just Norwegian "Lux" quality cancels on both older and newer stamps. There's no real schedule to these, as the material is difficult to find.

The demand for better Norwegian stamps seems to be very high, and it has been difficult for me to find good material in recent years.

Sweden Collectors (3-5 times per year): Notification service for collectors of Swedish stamps and postal history. I usually list eBay auctions with Swedish stamps about once every 3 months. Typically, the focus is on classic stamps, along with watermark varieties.

As a specialist collector in the "Vapentyp" and "Ringtyp" stamp issues, I also have plans to have an occasional auction focusing on only these two issues, with identified printings and varieties. No set schedule for this, as it depends on "when the material shows up."

In addition, perhaps one or two more "newsletters" with other information about Swedish stamps, special offers and more-- occasionally I list a few on sites other than eBay.

Swedish Town Cancels-- Ortstämplar-- Hembygdsfilateli (2 times per year): Notification service for collectors of Swedish cancels, especially the nice "socked-on-the-nose" ("lyx" and "prakt") quality cancels, primarily on older stamps.

Twice a year I try to gather sufficient high quality material to offer a group of at least 50 different lots covering this extremely popular area of Swedish philately. Offerings in this area may be somewhat sporadic since the stamps are not easy to find in good quality-- and this is my own primary collection area

General Scandinavia (2-3 times per year): The general Scandinavia covers the occasions where I have a rather diverse group of Scandinavian material to offer, and is also the only list that covers stamps from Finland, Greenland, Danish West Indies, Faroe Islands and more. It's also the most appropriate list if you're interested in covers, booklets, FDCs and so on.

This list also covers "lots and collections," and balances of collections.

All Things Scandinavian! (up to 20 notifications per year): If you would prefer to just hear about any and all things relating to Scandinavian philately, you can sign up here, and it automatically enrolls you in ALL of the preceding newsletters. Be aware that you will be getting quite a few notices!

Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time, and there will also be a "list management" tool that will allow you to visit my newsletter service and selectively unsubscribe from some newsletters and not others, if you'd prefer.

NOTE: As of this time (October 2015) the links to the newsletter signups are disabled, pending my getting a new newsletter server and creating new designs of the signup forms.

As a final note to this, I'd like to remind you that I am not a "stamp dealer," I am "a collector who sometimes sells stamps." As I work on my own collections-- usually through buying large accumulations and estates-- I end up with lots of duplicate material, and that's what you'll find in my auctions. Most of what I offer is "good solid stamps" in the US $10.00 to US$ 500.00 catalogue value range. Because I do not depend on this for a living, I do have the time to pay attention to each stamp and describe it properly.

Thank you for your interest!