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Free Stamps!

Is it really possible to get FREE stamps?

I know we are usually taught that there is "no such thing as free" and that there's "always a catch" when someone offers you something supposedly for "free."

Recently offered for FREE on Listia
In this instance, the stamps really ARE free, and the "catch" is not only very very small, but getting the free stamps actually involves doing something fun for your collection! So how do you get them? Well, you start by joining a web site I sometimes use.

It's called "Listia" and works a little bit like an eBay-style auction site, except there's no cash money involved. In a way, it is more like an "exchange and barter" site, where you can list your stuff (listing is free, too) you'd like to trade or give away, people then bid on your items with "credits," and then you can take those credits and use them to bid on stuff YOU want. So yes, the stamps are free, but you have to trade something of your own-- I suggest stamps-- in order to get something, like stamps.

I've personally been a member of the site since late 2009, and it is definitely "legitimate," and has been used by hundreds of thousands of people to trade millions of items. I deliberately avoided writing about it until I'd been able to watch and participate for a while, to make sure everything worked as promised. It does!

If you like, you can visit my page there and see what I currently have on offer. The stamps I list really ARE free... all you have to do is register with the site. You'll get some "bonus credits" just for signing up, and then you can offer some of your duplicate stamps to earn more credits... to bid on stamps you need.

The stamps area is currently just a small section of Listia, but I have become part of a small-- but growing-- group of stamp collectors who are interested in helping build this area as a "trade spot" for stamp lovers who don't necessarily want to spend a lot of money on stamps.

Actual stamp offered-- a $35.00 catalogue value
Why do I think this is worthwhile? As we have entered the "technological age" more and more street level stamp stores and more and more real life stamp clubs have closed down. Even though the Internet allows us to connect with ever more fellow philatelists around the globe, the stamp collecting hobby has become more and more "cash based." That is, fewer people simply trade stamps-- most are purchased.

In the old days, when you went to a stamp club, there were many other people there you could trade with, and it worked well as a way to build a collection. One-on-one trading with people you know on the Internet can work, but can also be challenging... because you have to find someone who not only owns stamps you want, but they have to want the stamps you have to trade, yourself.

In an ideal world, stamp collectors need an online venue that can serve as a "trading post." Yes, there are lots of online auction sites... but what if you don't want to use MONEY? What if you just want to TRADE stamps?

Listia works quite well in this respect, in that the "credits" you earn for offering your stamps serve as a sort of "trading currency" you can use to acquire new stamps.

Aside from that, it is also a FUN way to trade your duplicates and other things you no longer need! And that's just ONE of the reasons I recommend it.

What can you do?

You can go here to join the site.

You can go here to take a look at my page, and what free stamps I currently have on offer.

Mailing list: Get Notified when I list more free stamps!

If you'd like to be NOTIFIED when I list new stamps for trade on the Listia site (happens every 2-3 months-- rarely any more), I'd like to suggest that you sign up for my "Free Stamps" notification service.

I'd like to also share that I don't list cheap damaged stamps in the hope someone will "take them off my hands." Honestly, very few collectors need inferior copies of the stamps usually found in a stamp dealer's "1 cent box." The stamps pictured on this page are examples of what I list-- most are nice stamps with catalogue values from US $0.50 and up. I've even listed stamps worth up to US $50.00!

The notifications are completely an "opt in" service, and you will ONLY get a notice from me when I list stamps.

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