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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Passage: MyPhilately

It is with some sadness that I recently noticed that Australia-based MyPhilately-- a major social networking site for stamp collectors-- appears to have ceased operation.

According to a message now posted on the site's front page, the site is now for sale.

MyPhilately managed to grow to more than 6000 members, which is a considerable number for a stamp collecting web site. Although the site sometimes seemed a little cumbersome to use, it was generally a friendly and welcoming community where collectors got to know each other through a variety of "sub groups" which allowed people to find each other by collecting interest.

I hope site founder Dan Brown and his team do manage to find a buyer-- it would be a great shame if the "library" of 100,000s of images, posts, blogs and more were to be lost to the collector community for good.

The (apparent) demise of MyPhilately is just another reminder of how impermanent the world wide web can be.


Ian - Norvic said...

I never really understood the idea of Social Networking as practised by Myphilately. I recommend Stampboards forum to all collectors - but do read and understand all the rules - . Images are most important and must be externally hosted, say on photobucket or picassa

Peter M said...

Yes, I like the Stampboards community, too... along with the Virtual Stamp Club and StampoRama.

What made MyPhilately somewhat unique (at least from my perspective) was that it extended far beyond being "just a message board." If Dan had chosen a standardised web network platform like "Ning" to drive MyPhilately instead of "reinventing the wheel" with his own programming, the site would probably still be alive.